Almost Abstract Outdoor News - 3rd April 2020


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We Get Outdoors decided to take things to a new level and add their own take on events taking place in the outdoors. Welcome to the Almost Abstract Outdoor News.

In this episode We Get Outdoors Founders, Rob Yates and Mark Hopkins, take you on a crazy journey from man’s obsession with poking a fire, how China is advocating treating coronavirus, how one tribe member, Bethan Squires Tyrell has calmed down Mark, what it must be like to come out of the Grand Canyon after 24 days into a lockdown world, what Brooke Raboutou does to stay in rock climbing shape and how we know Dane Jackson was dropped at birth.

So if you want to know how two crazy Brits are coping with lockdown, why those passionate in the outdoors are the most creative and feel like a laugh then this episode is not to be missed.

These are the links mentioned in this episode…

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