How To Sail around the World with Sailing Magic Carpet


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Today, We Get Outdoors is proud to share our new episode and are delighted to have Maya and Aladino from Sailing Magic Carpet share their wisdom and experience!

In this episode, Mayo, Aladino and Rob discuss how to balance sharing your world but still have some degree of privacy, how to follow through on resolutions, what was the missed moment they wish they had filmed and what it is like to survive a lightning storm at sea.

So, if you want to know what gadgets enable self-reliance, how to ensure partners fit together whenever in the outdoors, what was the most amazing place they have visited, how to prepare for an adventure and overcome situations that uses all your skills then check out this incredible episode.

In this episode, you'll discover:

- How a $1 present changed the life of two people?

- What it is like to do a concert on the great seas?

- How a 4-year project has given them the freedom they have always craved?

- How a 20ft fall brought a dream to reality?

- How you can change your direction at any time of your life? - How a bicycling trip took Aladino into sailing

- How experts tried to push Aladino away from his dream

- How a Canadian and Swiss came together to build a life together

- How small steps taken every day can lead you to achieving the dream you want

- What it is like to live in a 28ft x 9ft boat?

About Our Guest: Maya and Aladino from Sailing Magic Carpet are living the life that most of us dream of. The freedom to set sail and cruise from port to port and island to island. Having invested 4 years into the restoration of Magic Carpet they now spend everyday doing what they love. Maya is a violinist, filmmaker, and writer. She is originally from the west coast of Canada, and got her first sailboat at age 18 for the price of $1. Since then, sailing the world has been her life’s mission. Aladino is a boatbuilder of confusing origin. Let’s say he’s Swiss, though you could also say he’s Italian, and he speaks 5 languages so he’s more or less at home anywhere in the world. He’s a professionally certified boatbuilder, and he spent four years restoring Magic Carpet

Maya’s and Aladino’s accomplishments include:

- 2 million video views

- 37,000 YouTube subscribers

- 160+ patreon members

- 4 years restoring Magic Carpet

- A life living at sea If you want to get in touch with Maya and Aladino then visit or subscribe to their YouTube channel -

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