Would You Rather - Theme Park edition and the Elite Eight Results of March Madness The Ride!


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On this episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast, it's a virtual discussion with all of our hosts practising Social Distancing while utilizing technology with the Elite Eight round in March Madness: The Ride! This entire show is discussing the competition that we held this last week to take 8 attractions, put them against each other and see who wins. The victors move to the next round...the losers are sent packing for an all expenses paid trip to "Boo Hoo Ville" :) Who's going to win? Tune it in see! If you want to vote in this week's Final Four, make sure that you're following us over on Instagram @WeLikeThemeParks and check out our stories on Saturday! All this and more on this, the 49th episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast! Find us over at welikethemeparks.com and on Facebook & Instagram @WeLikeThemeParks #WeLikeThemeParks. You can find Miriam on Instagram @TheChurroFund Pick up your fan-designed theme park inspired tees over at our TeePublic Store!

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