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Summer is finally here and the crew is in phase 2!! We got great audio today recording from the Yongesterdam Lounge again! We have a full SUPER CLASSIC interview with media LEGEND George Stroumboulopoulos AKA Strombo! Very special 90 minute interview after we try to wrap our intro QUICK ( as we can) then get the list of news (listed below) for a funny Fam Time Smoke & Mirrors!
Intro Drop Beat by Big Tweeze
Intro Tracks
C4 & Califate - My Hood: https://youtu.be/CP1G-U0aqG0
Drake - Stay Down (feat. Busta Rhymes) [prod. J Dilla] https://youtu.be/TeIxM3A-MxI?t=69
Top 6 Videos In Canada
1. DreCey-Roll
2. Spadez - LSF
3. Never Saw Me - Big Lean X El'Plaga X Ryda X Sick Ppl
4. JSlime - ComeBack
5. Smiley - “Name Brand” feat. LB Spiffy & 6ixBuzz
6. NoJokeJigsaw "Heata"
Honorable Mentions
Burna Bandz - BET
CHXXX - You Know What
Nozy - KIEN
Trapaveli - Came From The Bottom
XUAVE - No Faking
Rynik - Get Enough
Jamal Banks - No Uber
Br0keBaby Mike - Broom
RTB Jay - Fake Love
Mani Fuego (Ft. K Amiri) - Stick To Da Code
Fortunato x Decay - "Stayin' Live"
Slim Dinero - Hype Man
Drama Drae - Take It Eazy
Citodk - My Slime
Eazy Mac - Monster
Black is beautiful • Cash Bradshaw III
Lankx ft. Matty Fuego - Jet lag
KFT - Comeback Season
D Chase - Demon Time
Wave Montega - W.A.N.T.D
NHS Lil BK ft NHS Kenzo- Ba$ic B**ch
1up Kuku - KUKU SZN
Low C (Ft. Esteart & SYLA) - Money Fiend
Lil Cubb (Ft. Ching) - Switch Up
Priest (Ft. Deegz) - Dumb Or Dumber
Goodzz - Dope
- Toronto star quote's Pk Herc in their new Bizz Loc & Director X interview
- Kayla Williams from Scarborough to CP24 anchor. Is City TV mking a Black move?
- Ben Mulroney steps down as host
- Noose left in the car of black NasCar driver
- Statues of colonist covered in paint
- Meek Mill vs Akademiks (Stop posting me on your page!!)
- Swizz Beatz Calls Drake A P**y (OVO Chubbz & TV Gucci respond P**SY!)
- Walmart selling “All Lives Matter” T-Shirts online
- Ron Jeremy charged with 4 counts of rape dating back to 2014. Bail set for 6 Million
- Cop calls out people to fight, then back tracks, his call out
Smoke Break Tune:
Burna Bandz - BET https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QLMXUQirME
Road Tunes:
[OFFICIAL VIDEO] 100 Strong Arm - Califate, Young Tony, Aristo, C4, M**** : https://youtu.be/EMMRgRW2nhg
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