170 - Optimize The Way You Heal with Steve Young


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On today’s episode of the Wealthy Wellthy Podcast, I’m joined by Dr. Steve Young, DPT. Steve is a Holistic Health Practitioner and Coach that has co-created a holistic healing system to resolve ailments, a workstation to prevent poor posture and poor health from inactivity, and customized self-care strategies to heal faster. He’s currently working on an AI system that can help people find and resolve the root cause of illnesses. Steve has directly supported the healing of over 8000 patients directly in the last 20 years and is the co-founder of Ammortal, who has a "moonshot" goal is to help a billion people end their suffering from chronic illness and turn their health from a liability into their greatest asset.

During this conversation, Steve and I talk about how the current health care system is broken and why it's important to focus on the “how” of being healthy versus the “what.” Steve encourages everyone to gain a deeper understanding of their biology, mindset, biomechanics, energy, and environment in order to live in peak performance in every category of life. We discuss actions to take today to minimize illness and start maximizing longevity. Steve believes getting to the cause of the symptoms is key to curing chronic illness, he offers unconventional tips and techniques for increasing energy and vitality for feeling wealthy. If you're feeling stuck when it comes to your health, you'll wish to listen in.

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