Accomplish This Year’s Goals–We’re Down to the Final Four!


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The college men’s “Final Four” basketball tournament was cancelled this spring, but are you ready for your very own final four? Tune in as efficiency coach and author Sue Crum explains why the last four months of the year represent your last but best 2020 chance to firm up and launch career and lifestyle goals. Set yourself up for a joyful and productive 2021. Discover a “4-Step Success Process” to put yourself on the right path to the life you imagine and deserve. Gain suggestions on imagining then planning for what you want your life to become. Obtain your free download, “Top Ten Favorite Tips” for removing clutter from your spaces and your lifestyle…clutter that may have been holding you back. Host Roy Richards offers “For Wives Only” advice for all you ladies who want your husbands to begin treating you as full life partners, sharing household chores and parental responsibilities and recognizing that your career and lifestyle goals are just as important as his.

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