Calm Under Pressure


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Have you ever had one of those days where you felt like you were under a lot of pressure? By the end of the day, the only good thing you could say about the day was over. We have all had those kinds of days. Under pressure, we have to work at being calm, and it takes a lot of energy. Yet, when we think we have held our composure together, someone comes up to us and comments that we looked stressed, angry, or asked us, “What was going on?”. How does that make you feel? It seems like we were not as successful as we thought. In this episode, I will share a couple of . Usually, when we learned mindfulness and relaxation activities, we were in a calm learning environment. When faced with everyday life, the skills we learned are forgotten and often remember in hindsight. I will share some practical tips that will help you regain calmness under pressure.

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