TAB in the Virtual Classroom 4: Dismissal!


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This episode will discuss how media(television, computers, smartphones, and smart pads) have evolved and influenced us physically, socially, and academically. Using skills of “awareness,” I will guide listeners on heightening observations of how the pandemic has accelerated technology usage, decreased face-face interactions in families, and increased less than optimum health profiles in children. Then we will dig into how we can use TAB in the Virtual classroom information to make positive outcomes in our virtual classroom and work environments. This is the fourth and last episode on TAB in the Virtual Classroom. It is just the beginning of how to put Transition Awareness Breathing into practice. I encourage you to journal in your“TAB Mindfulness, Awareness, and Coloring Activities in a pandemic world” book a plan of action to build quality non-tech face-to-face interaction with your children.

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