COVID-19 Wedding Q&A


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Your top COVID-19 wedding questions, answered!

A quick note before we get started today - events from the past couple of weeks have prompted some last minute programming revisions. This being the Wedding Planning Podcast, I typically stick straight to wedding planning - for those who do NOT know the show well, this is a podcast for anyone and everyone preparing to marry their person, regardless of color, identity, religion, or politics.

This is a message I live by every day, but is especially relevant now - please take good care of one another. We live in a world full of injustice and hatred, but also full of love and hope.

Shares and likes and comments on social media are one thing. Funneling your sadness and anger into making tangible change within your community - is quite another. Please consider sharing your time in support of those whose voices matter, but aren’t always heard.

Be well, and enjoy the show.

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