Tuxedos, Suits & More! Wedding Day Fashion {that's NOT a dress!}


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Wedding day fashion for the groom & groomsmen goes way beyond the traditional tuxedo. Today we're going to explore some of the more casual and creative attire options for anyone who does NOT plan on wearing a flowing white dress to the wedding!

When I got married back in 2010, my recollection is that tuxedos were the standard fare. It feels like men's wedding day fashion has gotten much more relaxed & casual - in a GOOD WAY - over the past few years.

Let’s take this opportunity to review some options, pricing & tips to save yourselves time, money and stress in the process of figuring out what the guys should wear on the wedding day.

Of course there are a zillion variations and creative spins to what we're discussing, so please feel free to use your imagination to suit (pardon the pun, see what I did there?) your unique situation, personalities & tastes.

Today we’re exploring:

  • Traditional tuxedo rental tips,
  • Some pleasantly surprising information on custom suits,
  • And casual, playful menswear alternatives.


Talk about a multimillion dollar GAP in the industry - unfortunately, finding women's suit rentals is very difficult. Some research yielded a few legit options:

And last but certainly not least, a HUGE thank you to GENERATION TUX! Check these guys out & use promo code "WEDPOD" for 10% off the entire groom’s party.

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