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Congratulations on your engagement, and welcome to the Wedding Planning Podcast!

My name is Kara, and I’m the producer and host of the Wedding Planning Podcast. This is a show for & about YOU - but I’m going to take just a minute to introduce myself and share some background info about the show.

The Wedding Planning Podcast launched in January 2016 to give engaged couples around the world easy access to simple, streamlined and down-to-earth wedding planning advice and tips.

The show is designed for literally anyone who is prepping for the ultimate commitment to their lifelong person - no matter who you love, how you worship, who you vote for, where you live, or what your wedding budget, ALL are welcome here in the spirit of one love, unity, and peace. I am very passionate about this.

Over the past 4 years, I’ve guided hundreds of thousands of couples like you through creating their dream weddings - and trust me, I know that planning your wedding can be a rush of excitement and at the same time, extreme overwhelm and anxiety.

Finding trusted, affordable advice within the wedding industry can be a huge challenge! Who has time to sift through millions of 3rd class blogs, ad-stuffed magazines, and poor quality DIY videos on YouTube? Or to navigate huge, impersonal wedding websites full of pop up ads and paid vendor directories, spammy emails, and rude people in chaotic chatrooms???

The Wedding Planning Podcast is here to give you 24/7 access to a complete library of solutions to all the wedding planning topics - everything from announcing your engagement, setting a budget, choosing your wedding party, managing relationship and family conflicts, planning and hosting your rehearsal dinner, your honeymoon, and beyond.

Here’s where it gets really fun - in your podcast player, right now, you’ll find a collection of over 75 shows available for you to enjoy, anytime, anywhere your busy life takes you.

I highly encourage you to explore the past episodes and take advantage of the topics you need help on, as they come up through your wedding planning journey. Share the shows with your loved ones who are helping you plan, with your partner, or even your wedding vendors if you think it would be helpful to them or their other clients!

SHOW FORMAT - Every Wednesday, I’ll release a brand new episode for you to enjoy. Make sure to hit “subscribe” in your podcast player, and the new shows will automatically download for you the second we go live.

I mentioned in the opening that the Wedding Planning Podcast is a show for and about YOU, and your wedding questions are an integral part of creating new episodes. You can submit questions anytime via email - www.WeddingPlanningPodcast.co/contact or by following along on Instagram @weddingplanningpodcast and sending me a DM. I have an open door policy, and would absolutely love to hear from you, and learn more about you & your wedding.

Due to volume and time constraints, sadly I can’t always get a detailed reply back - but please know that every single one of your submissions is carefully tracked and categorized, and I’ll create new show content based on your FAQ’s and popular topics.

If you’re craving a more personalized, hands-on, small group experience, we also have a private membership group available called the Wedding Planning Podcast VAULT.

Members of The VAULT enjoy ongoing support in a private discussion group with priority access to wedding Q&A shows that run every other week. Members can also listen to all past and new episodes AD-FREE, and take advantage of a complete wedding planning roadmap laid out in 12 bonus episodes that guide you through planning your dream wedding, from to start to finish - just to name a few of the premium and priceless benefits of being a member!

To learn more and sign up, simply visit www.weddingplanningpodcast.co/vault

And quickly before we say goodbye, a couple of additional ways you can fully take advantage of the WPP!

To sign up for weekly show notes delivered straight to your inbox, visit www.weddingplanningpodcast.co and enter your name and email address in the gold glittery sign up box. While you’re there, check out the PODCAST tab for blog posts on some of our past episodes, and the PERKS page for a listing of special offers from our show sponsors.

I dedicate most of my social media phone time to Instagram Stories - to participate in weekly polls, wedding Q&A’s, and tons of behind-the-scenes fun, follow along on Instagram @weddingplanningpodcast

And I’ve saved the best for last - if you’re newly engaged and wondering where to even begin with your wedding plans, you won’t want to miss our totally free WPP Engagement Starter Kit! I’ll walk you through the very first steps to take after announcing your engagement in 3 bonus episodes of the podcast, delivered right to your inbox. To sign up for free, visit www.weddingplanningpodcast.co/learnmore

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be a part of your wedding planning journey - I know you have millions of options for wedding planning support, help and info, and having you here means the world to me. Congratulations on your engagement, and I can’t wait to meet again in the next episode!

Cheers, Kara

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