EP92 Ghosts at Christmas with Mark Rees


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This week Shelly and Bella talk to Mark Rees about the tradition of telling ghost stories at Christmas and specifically the work of M. R. James.
We also discuss I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here 2020 which was set in Gwrych Castle in Abergele, Wales and have our monthly reports from author Ruth Roper Wylde and UFologist Richard Lennie.
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Links from Richard Lennie
1. U.F.O's hotting up in space.......https://youtu.be/HRPYp_cH80I

2. Dicyanin Dye.......https://scarenormal.com/why-is-dicyanin-dye-illegal/?fbclid=IwAR0SVce7VRNyhUCC952MCTe_HMjExEjGPJ0f4E9wOXe2CVgFOMrghPYHht4
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