E08 - Modern and Stylish Land Development with Blake Wyatt


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Blake and I had a chance to discuss the following:

  • Growing up in Vancouver
  • Having a mother in interior design
  • Architecture and design focus in his projects
  • Moving to Toronto in 2011
  • Starting Wyatt Development Group at 29 years of age
  • Never allowing his young age to be a deterring factor in acquiring partners and clients
  • Hiring people who compliment him and his business
  • The benefits of keeping his company relatively small
  • Differentiating his projects from other developers
  • The importance of open concepts, livable space and “human design”
  • Good design doesn’t have to cost more
  • Simplicity and colour choices
  • Continuing to experience sustainable growth
  • Avoiding driving down cost to maximize profit, rather focusing on delivering quality for a reasonable price
  • Marketing a new development through the ‘Toronto Star’, ‘Globe and Mail’ and other news outlets.
  • The importance of relationships and connections in building a strong team
  • Nurturing business relationships
  • The highest and best use of Blake’s time
  • Keeping a balance between business and personal goals, raising a child while growing the company
  • Breaking down Blake’s work day

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