Sex & Dating Truths with Mariama Koroma & Dr. Thara Nagarajan [Part 2]


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On this week's episode of the pod, Kayla brings her 2 ride or dies back on the pod for part 2 to discuss relationships & sex for some much needed girl time.

Because this is one of their favorite topics, Kayla wanted to bring Mariama and Thara back on to answer your sex and relationships questions. The three of them took some time to reflect on their own relationships and sexual experiences to share their insights on what's worked for them. While love and dating has changed over time, especially in 2020, this discussion will leave some lasting tips on how you think about your relationships moving forward.

In this part 2 we also talk about:

  • How to manifest a relationship
  • How to protect yourself when you’re dating
  • How you can learn more about yourself through dating
  • How to know when you should have sex when you’re dating
  • Why we need to release the patriarchal values we’ve been taught within dating as womxn
  • A deep dive into one of Kayla’s failed situationships

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