Magic of Stillness


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Create a Magical Day of Self-Healing

I woke up this morning with an intense need for stillness. Therefore, I laid in bed until 10:30. For a half an hour or so I was scrolling through emails and social media. Then putting my phone down, I closed my eyes and recalled the dream I was having right before I woke up. I was alongside a gentle flowing stream with lush surroundings and giant boulders to rest upon. It was peaceful. There was water cascading down, which created waterfalls and swimming holes. It’s actually similar to a place I go to called paradise pools, but in my dream, it was bigger and better AND it was on the land where I live. I owned it but I was completely unaware, until I saw other people there. People who I didn’t even know, but everyone was chill. Although it was actually on my land, I hadn’t discovered it until others showed up to swim there and hang out. I saw a mama and baby panda bear swimming there. I saw some type of large iguana reptile creature that creeped me out a little. There was a giant snake and I couldn't tell if it was poisonous or not. It was both magical and a little scary at the same time. After I reopened my eyes I had a very strong sense that today I needed stillness.

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