Nick DeMuth’s Miraculous Story, Part II


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Episode 233: Nick DeMuth’s Miraculous Story, Part II

One way to move your leadership forward is to embrace a mantra that works for you. Nick DeMuth, performance coach, had a mantra before his A.V.M. (Arteriovenous Malformation) brain surgery in October of 2019. “I am gifted with the opportunity to be challenged and learn.” Was his mantra an intricate part of Nick’s miraculous recovery?

Leadership can be lonely at times like this. People are worried and want answers. Nick’s miraculous recovery, he believes, has everything to do with the people surrounding him with each part of his recovery.

We discuss the answers to these questions:


  • To live or not to live. A thought Nick pondered, which many of you are pondering with your business(es). To close or not to close. If non-essential businesses have to close again, will your business survive? Apply Nick’s insights into his healing to your life in times of COVID-19.
  • How bad is the damage? How do you handle the limitations around you? What are the stop and go signs?
  • What are you capable of, and what are you not capable of doing?
  • Is this a mental hurdle or life hurdle I need to overcome?


  • When walking into a battlefield of emotions, what do you do? Who do you let into your recovery?
  • How important is autonomy and consistency in recovery?
  • When do you take charge of your recovery? Co-dependency vs. Interdependency.
  • When Nick was afraid to go to sleep, a question to himself, am I going to overcome this emotional barrier? How do you overcome your emotional barriers?
  • What is the neurological benefit of breathing exercises and meditation?

New Routines and Foundations, Enhanced Life

  • What are your new routines? What is a sane rhythm?
  • How can you maximize your day after a workout?
  • A surprise. How often does Nick recommend you walk each day? For how long?
  • Pivoting well and planning, what are you doing? What are you willing to do?

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  3. Welcome Appreciation: “I am grateful for the inspiration Nick has brought us today. I am grateful for his insights and answers to the questions I outlined above. I appreciate the Parasympathetic nervous systems that we can enhance through practices like yoga and meditation. I appreciate Nick and the beautiful human being that he is. I am grateful for his solid life mission to improve the lives of others and how they perform in life. Thank you, Nick!”

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Podcast Guest Mentor

Nicolas DeMuth. Nick is a sports performance coach who sets out to optimize the lifestyle and performance of athletes. He earned a B.S. degree in Exercise Science from the University of St. Thomas. Since 2011, Nick has worked in diverse settings that include private gyms, clinical settings, and professional settings. His work has connected him with professional athletes in a variety of organizations that include the U.S.A. Hockey team, Swedish Hockey Association, N.H.L. agencies, 3 N.H.L. strength and conditioning coaches, and the N.F.L.

In his private coaching practice, he coaches D1 soccer players, D1 hockey commits organization of players, professional golfers, C.E.O.’s, and Special Olympic athletes. An effective strategy Nick uses to challenge himself and expand his expertise is to get the best guidance from high-performance coaches in the industry.

On October 10th, 2019, Nick’s life changed in an instant. Emergency brain surgery for an Arteriovenous Malformation (A.V.M.) rupture stopped bleeding in the brain. Due to the severity of the rupture, experts prepared Nick’s parents for worst-case-scenarios; a son severely disabled in the left hemisphere of the brain or possible death. Nick overcame tremendous odds against him. During six months of rehabilitation, Nick began moving at an accelerated pace relearning how to walk, speak, and communicate. He is a walking and talking miracle!

Episode 233: Nick DeMuth’s Miraculous Story, Part II

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