Shadow Work and Ancestral Healing - Farah Siddiq - Episode 83


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Today we bring up the concept of the Shadow, the term coined by Carl Jung to describe the place where we store our psychological wounds, negative thought patterns and ancestral baggage which can weigh us down and prevent our true self emerging and ascending in the world.

Chris and I have both been interested in this concept as we became curious as to how people including ourselves would find movement, sport, physical activity healing to our soul and psyche, and also a distraction when used and abused. Just the idea that there was something not quite right with me due to my past experiences sounded woo woo, and a little daft until I began to recognise patterns emerging in how I would deal with certain situations which seemingly reappeared throughout my daily life. The ones where someone says or doesn’t say something to you and it triggers a cascade of thoughts and emotions that come from seemingly nowhere.

That nowhere is the shadow, the side of yourself which you don’t see but is very much there and influencing your every move and action. They are the unopened boxes in the metaphorical loft, where you don’t really want to go into them because they hold memories which you don’t want to relive.

But it is not all negative, in the sense that by shining a light on the shadow and unpacking the boxes, what doesn’t belong to you can be acknowledged and given back to where it came, or be accepted and put to use as a positive. That is shadow work, a very powerful tool that supports you in explaining, acknowledging and integrating the uncomfortable parts of our past present and future self.

Chris holds space with shadow and transformational expert Farah Siddiq whose own experiences and family history led her to taking a deep and often painful dive into her families ancestry to explore and expose the karmic debt which is passed down the line until settled by a family member.

As with much that is being exposed about human kinds ancestry, we have a choice to settle the debts and create a future that is one based on forgiveness, love and compassion rather than fear, shame and guilt.

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