Ep. 181 - Smoked Gator: Sooners Roll in Cotton Bowl, Eye 2021


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In the opening take, Grant applauds OU for a Cotton Bowl victory in what he believes was a complete joke of a game. Then Lee joins to congratulate Grant on correctly predicting the outcome of the game and Grant expands on why he was so annoyed with Florida. Lee wasn't as annoyed and was mostly happy with what he saw in the Cotton Bowl (4:30). Lee thinks Kyle Trask's teammates hung him out to dry in that game (13:00). We jump into the "3-word reviews" as they drive the show beginning with OU's historical rushing effort. Marcus Major was fantastic, so will we have to eat crow (16:15)? It was cool to see OU's offense go up against a non-Big 12 defense. How weird is that (21:50)? Creed Humprhey declares for the NFL Draft. Who else will leave (24:20)? Get ready for a bunch of National Championship hype leading into 2021. Can this team handle it (35:00)? Let's all give it up for Tre Norwood (42:00). Don't worry about Alex Grinch going anywhere for now (47:30). Lee wasn't as bothered by Dan Mullen's postgame comments as some people, but there was one thing he said that Lee thought was ridiculous (50:40). OU finished it off in the second half and Grant noticed something that really shows the transformation of OU's defense from 2017 to now (54:40). Quickly looking back at some PFF grades from OU defensive players in the 2017 Rose Bowl (58:00). Woodi Washington and D.J. Graham may have bright futures (1:00:40). Although we're trying to stay positive, we've got to acknowledge the defense didn't play all that well against Florida (1:04:00). Lee has one more interesting PFF nugget from the Cotton Bowl (1:08:25). Spencer Rattler continues to be fun to watch, but perhaps his one weakness is working the middle of the field (1:11:40). We continue on with "3-word reviews" from Twitter (1:14:00). Lee doesn't get the appeal of the Malcolm Kelly freestyle rap, but Grant thinks it's awesome (1:16:20). This season had so many similarities to the 2016 season (1:19:00). Although Creed Humphrey didn't think anybody believed in the team at 1-2, we at West of Everest sure did (1:21:50). There's gonna be a lot of pressure on OU this offseason. Plus is a wide receiver going to win the Heisman (1:24:00)? Final thoughts as we wrap up another season of OU football (1:29:10). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

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