Ep. 182 - Players Are Out The Door, But 2021 Hopes Still High


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In the opening take, Lee tells you why it's unlikely that Lincoln Riley has any interest in jumping to the NFL right now. Then Grant joins to give his thoughts on the latest Lincoln Riley/NFL rumors (5:15). Ronnie Perkins and Rhamondre Stevenson are off to the NFL. Is Rhamondre one of the top running backs in the 2021 class (7:15)? Taking a look at the current OU running back room (15:20). Adrian Ealy is off to the NFL -- but what's more shocking is that Tre Norwood declared for the draft (18:10). Grant says losing Adrian Ealy isn't that big of a deal (31:20). Will Chandler Morris be starting a game against OU down the line (35:00)? Charleston Rambo is off to Miami (38:10). Jon-Michael Terry and Robert Barnes are also out the door (40:40). As of now, what percent chance would you give OU to win the 2021 National Championship (45:40). OU's starting guards are back in 2021. What's the offensive line going to look like (53:20)? With Perkins departing, how is the defensive line shaping up? Is it fair to expect Jalen Redmond to quickly get back to playing at a high level (57:30)? What's going on with Jadon Haselwood? Plus Lee says OU's receivers must be MUCH better in 2021 if the Sooners are serious about a Championship run (1:03:30). Grant Calcaterra is back on the market (1:15:15). Bob Stoops was an easy pick for the College Football Hall of Fame (1:17:00). Lee usually doesn't enjoy talking Texas because they've been irrelevant. However, he's intrigued by Steve Sarkisian coming to Austin. Then we rip Ohio State's defensive game plan against Alabama in the Title Game (1:26:20). Things are going off the rails because for some reason we talk about Jim Harbaugh staying at Michigan and Lee dusts off an old classic rant about the one really important thing Harbaugh can't figure out (1:36:20). Finally, we've got to talk about Baker Mayfield and the Browns winning a playoff game. But we weirdly talk probably too much about Ben Roethlisberger (1:41:15). The lack of fans in Pittsburgh diminished the feel of that Browns win. Can Cleveland beat the Chiefs (1:47:05)? We're in full NFL mode. Josh Allen got to be awesome and we are still surprised by his development (1:51:20). Lee is still annoyed with Lamar Jackson and the Ravens offense? Plus some random comparison to Tom Brady that may be absurd (1:58:50). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

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