5e29: Caledonian and Hibernian Muse Audiobook and Tunes


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Caledonian and Hibernian Muse Audiobook and Tunes

Caledonian Muse: Posodh Peathar, Muirland Willie, He Hirpled Tille Her, Polworth Green
Hibernian Muse: Carolan’s Receipt, Port Patrick, Coulin, Irish Hoboy

Book Club Announcement


On October, 27 at 7PM US Central time I’ll be hosting a zoom for folks to share tunes, listen and chat about Caledonian and Hibernian Muse.

Caledonian Muse:

Hibernian Muse:

Here is a Link to the Event:

(some info on the Thompson’s who published the Muses)


Tunes From Caledonian Muse

Posodh Peathar, Highland Air Tune No. XCVIII

Muirland Willie, Tune No. XLI Called an Ancient Lowland Tune in the Essay: (Also in Daniel Wright’s Aria di Camera, 1727).

He Hirpled Tille Her, Tune No. LVIII. Called an Ancient Lowland Tune in the Essay: (Also in Robert Bremner’s 1757 Country Dances, and McLachlan’s 1854 The Piper’s Assistant).

Polworth Green, In the Gentle Shepherd.


Tunes from The Hibernian Muse:

Carolan’s Receipt: In the Castle of Andalusia Tune no. III

Coulin. (Says it is “Was composed in the reign of Henry VIII. The original words being in honour of the ancient Irish Dress.” Page 5.) Tune No. LIV:

Port Patrick: (There is a very similar setting to this tune in Donald MacDonald’s Collection under a different title) Tune No. XIV:

The Irish Hoboy: Tune No. V (You should Recognize this as the season introductory music for most of the season).


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