We got a PS5! - Ep. 201


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The PS5 has arrived!!! Okay but we've also got news to talk about including those Xbox Series X fridges, new APEX Legends content, and special guest Steven Spohn from AbleGamers joins us!

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:01 Welcome to the show!

4:30 Weekly announcements

6:08 We have a PS5!

8:05 Shout-out to cute animals

11:30 Sony delays PS5 launch title to February

16:24 If you delete your Facebook account you lose your Oculus games

22:10 My Time At Portia sequel announced!

25:20 Snoop Dogg has AN XBOX SERIES X FRIDGE

32:16 APEX Legends is getting a new legend for Season 7

33:52 Nintendo JoyCons have been reduced in price

35:56 Let’s talk to Steven Spohn! What’s he playing?

40:19 Morning! For Steven - I wanted to know your thoughts on how conversations between accessibility and difficulty modes tend to be interwoven when discussing them in the games industry. Is this an OK thing? Are there better ways or terminology the industry can use to express differences between the two? -Devon

44:26 Other than adding Closed Captions to our streams are there any other ways streamers can increase accessibility in their streams? ✌❤- TylerAusten

47:27 Pokémon chatter

51:51 Steve, do you have any game that comes to mind when you think of a trailblazer for accessibility options? - Nxthxniel97

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