21: Rebalancing the Work-Life Experience - Episode #4 - Employee Health & Wellbeing


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In our fourth podcast of the “Rebalancing the Work-Life Experience” series we take a deep dive into the importance of employee health and wellbeing. This issue is critical to the success of any company. Quantitative data from our bespoke Experience per Square Foot™ database clearly identifies the importance of wellbeing and its relationship to bonding with colleagues, motivation and an ability to do one’s best work – all of which are potent drivers of overall workplace experience.
As a result of mandated working from home, workplace challenges have increased with employees needing to manage remote working and care giving responsibilities as well as logistical issues such as adequate workspace environments and sub-par internet connectivity. All take their toll on wellbeing. Leading companies have recognised this and taken an active lead in adopting a people-first approach to provide support, not only in the current remote environment, but also as employees start to transition back into the workplace.
  • Whitney Austin Gray, Senior Vice President at International WELL Building Institute (IWBI)
  • Steven Zatta, Global Lead Total Workplace Research & Innovation at Cushman & Wakefield

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