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If you love connecting with people and supporting businesses you believe in, affiliate marketing is a great career path. However, so much goes into providing high caliber services, and that’s where today’s brutally honest conversation comes in. In this episode, Tom talks with Amber Spears, an industry leader in the affiliate marketing arena whose primary company, East 5th Avenue, has generated $68 million in front-end launch sales and helped over 250 companies generate profits in excess of $320 million. Amber discusses her formulaic approach to finding quality affiliates, why you need to have candid conversations to protect yourself, and the steps beginners can take right now to get started.

“You have two focuses. One focus should be building relationships with your network, and two should be improving your offer. Always!” - Amber Spears

In This Episode:

  • How Amber transformed her abusive childhood into inspired action
  • Amber’s take-home advice for anyone starting out
  • The proven formula for finding clients and building trust
  • How to protect yourself from partners not keeping their word
  • The characteristics of high caliber affiliates and where to find them

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