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When people say “provide value”, what does that really mean? It’s as simple as this: Talk to people you care about. In Gina and Jamie Atkinson’s case, they dedicated their time to talking to people whom they admired, and it paid off. In this new episode, Tom sits down with the couple to discuss how they met and combined skill sets to find success, how they support each other through the tough times, and a freakishly easy strategy that will make you the guru in any community.

“So many people overcomplicate success, but for me, it’s about connecting with people on a real level.”

- Jamie Atkinson

In This Episode:

  • How the couple’s serendipitous meeting was a match made in marketing heaven
  • Why a $30,000 course and draining their savings were the key to the couple’s success
  • The ways the couple supports both their individual and collective goals
  • Jamie’s simple “three word” social media strategy that provides value to people who matter and makes you the go-to expert in a community

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