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From his humble beginnings, Rocky always wanted to be wealthy but wondered why so many people weren’t. With Rocky leading a thriving business and two successful podcasts, we have to ask: What’s the secret? In this new episode, Tom and Rocky dig deep to discover the tried and true principles of building and keeping wealth, including how to make saving money effortless, the myths and pitfalls that so many entrepreneurs fall into, and why Rocky values freedom of time above all else.

“Profit is not an event—it’s a habit.”

- Rocky Lalvani

In This Episode:

  • What Rocky learned about money growing up as an immigrant
  • How Rocky transformed a business into time freedom
  • You NEED to automate savings if you want to be wealthy
  • Why “you need to save money to make money” is a LIE
  • The power of having multiple accounts and knowing where every cent goes

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