Xiuhtezcatl discusses cultural mistreatment in the US and his progressive music


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Xiuhtezcatl (pronounced shoe-tez-caht) is a world-renowned environmental activist and rapper/lyricist out of Boulder, CO. Named to TIMES Next 100 list in 2019, Xiuhtezcatl has pushed the impact of the fossil-fuel industry on indigenous communities up the political agenda, and has spoken multiple times at the UN, addressing the General Assembly and spoken on panels with the likes of Bernie Sanders, Miley Cyrus, Van Jones, Shailene Woodley, Bill Mckibbens and Pharrell Williams.

The independent artist’s Indigenous roots to Mexico are anchored across the collection of songs on his latest project 'Runway Tapes' that illustrate his journey sonically and serve as a prequel to his forthcoming debut album that’s on the horizon. The project is a representation of the intentional expansion of his artistic identity, reintroducing himself as much more than a conscious artist. Each song off the EP has its own unique flavor, flitting between both English and Spanish, singing and rapping, modern production and instrumentation.


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