170.2: CareerTalk – Don’t Delay, Call Today


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In this CareerTalk mini-episode of Where Accountants Go, we discuss the importance of not procrastinating when it comes to your job search. Even though I personally believe that the economy will bounce back relatively quickly once the COVID situation is under control, that may take longer than we anticipate to fully return. And in addition to this, job seekers frequently underestimate how slowly an employer may move when hiring. For these reasons, it's important to start your job search many weeks, or even several months, before you absolutely have to work, particularly in an uncertain marketplace. Demand for accountants is still reasonably healthy, but there definitely are sectors of the economy that are struggling as we all know, and that creeps into the accounting marketplace as well. If you have been affected and believe that you may as well wait a while before looking, that can be a dangerous decision. Those that start their search earlier, generally end up with more options. Starting too late can lead to either not having a good option when you need it, or having to settle for something that won't necessarily be a good long-term fit. "Don't delay, call today!" :)

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