171: Lee Ann Crockett of Bellwether Church Solutions


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Lee Ann Crockett of Bellwether Church Solutions in San Antonio, Texas, joined us for this episode of Where Accountants Go, the Accounting Careers podcast. Lee Ann actually started as a Liberal Arts major, but while putting herself through school by working a bookkeeping position, she realized she enjoyed accounting and decided to switch her major. Lee Ann’s story really has something for almost everyone. She started with the multi-national Halliburton organization, worked in several roles with them, and then eventually decided to leave to start her family. Many years later, and after quite a bit of part-time consulting, she started Bellwether Church Solutions, which is an accounting advisory service focused on churches. In addition, she just recently added a small-church solution that she calls GoodBooks to her mix of services. She really does have a unique practice. And don’t miss our short discussion of why she decided to become a CPA, and how happy she is that she made that decision. There is quite a bit of insight in that very short discussion as well. If you enjoy this episode, please also check out our interviews with Matt Malcom and Craig Fuller. To find out more about Lee Ann’s business, you can visit them online at either of these links: Bellwether Church Solutions or GoodBooks To listen in on this interview with Lee Ann Crockett, please use the player below:

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