171.1: CareerTalk – Recession Creates Opportunity


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Believe it or not, recession creates opportunity. In this CareerTalk mini-episode, we briefly discuss the fact that recessions really can create opportunity, even in the employment market. We all know that while some industries have difficult times, others see even more business during crisis periods. (Boy, what I would do to have an extra toilet paper factory ready to go!) However, we don't often think about it from the standpoint of the longer-term affects on retirement plans. In this mini-show, I propose that while this recession (possibly short-term) may delay some retirements, it also is likely to make those individuals that were on the fence about retiring become even more resolute to actually retire, albeit perhaps slightly later. And that's another item I discuss... I don't think it will be much later than they may have originally planned. So what does this mean to you as an upwardly-mobile accounting professional? It means that those promotion opportunities are likely to be even more solidified as a little time moves forward. Please listen in on my line of thought by using the player below. And as always, please reach out if we can help with your own career!

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