172.1: CareerTalk – Pondering Self-Care


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In this CareerTalk mini-episode of Where Accountants Go, the Accounting Careers Podcast, we talk about a concept that came up on one of our primary shows - the concept of "self-care". In that other episode though, we specifically discuss it with regards to preparing for the CPA exam. However, in this mini-episode I apply it in a broader sense with regards to your overall career and life, particularly as we will be moving forward out of this pandemic crisis in coming days or months. This unique time period has given many of us the opportunity to think about what is truly important to us, and therefore how to best care for ourselves as unique individuals. It's important that going forward we don't let some of those realizations slip away. In fact, if you haven't made time for a little self-reflection, now is the time. Do it before life starts to return back to "normal" - maybe that's not 100% what you really want anyway. Ponder this: What will "self-care" look like for you going forward?

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