173: Revisiting Ethics with Kathy Kapka


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Kathy Kapka, a CPA and former Texas Society of CPAs Chair, joined us on this unique edition of Where Accountants Go, the Accounting Careers podcast. The reason this episode is a little unique is that we don’t spend as much time covering Kathy’s own career, although we do give a short synopsis. Kathy was actually one of our early guests back in the first few months of the show (Episode 15 to be exact), so we’ve already covered much of her own professional background. For this episode, we took the opportunity to speak with Kathy about a very timely topic: ethical considerations for the accounting community. Kathy is the instructor for the TXCPA-provided online approved ethics course that is complimentary with TXCPA membership, and she has a background in internal audit herself, so she was the perfect individual to discuss this important topic. With the economy taking a dramatic turn, the additional stresses may affect the ethical behavior of otherwise very trustworthy individuals. Whether you are just starting your career, or are many years into your professional journey, this episode will be a good refresher on some of the items we all need to keep in mind. For other similar episodes, listen to: Kathy Kapka original episode and David Holt. To listen in on this 2nd interview with Kathy Kapka, please use the player below:

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