173.1: CareerTalk – Don’t Answer Emails When Emotional


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In this CareerTalk mini-episode, I cover a simple concept, or personal rule of mine, that we all likely break on occasion. That idea is that we should never answer an email when we are emotional. This experience came to me during the adjustment period while 'sheltering-at-home', and I suspect similar situations happen to many people during these unusual times. I was trying to balance my family needs and professional obligations, and honestly I was feeling very overwhelmed at that moment. It lasted for a short time, perhaps an hour or two, and during that time I sent a work-related email. The next morning I read the email over again and realized that my emotional overwhelmed feeling had come through, and that's not what I would have wished. I should have waited a while to send it, at least until my emotions had settled. This is a simple concept, and I'm sure you are thinking, "Of course you should wait!" And in fact, I know that as well. However, we all need a reminder even of the basics sometimes, so I hope this serves as your reminder and you don't have to personally commit the mistake. Remember, even though you already know it, don't answer emails when emotional.

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