174: Studying For The CPA Exam During A Crisis – Amber Setter


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Amber Setter, a now frequent guest on Where Accountants Go, the Accounting Careers Podcast, joined us for a very special and specific episode discussion. As we move through this COVID-19 crisis, although many people would like to put extra time into studying for a certification exam, we realize that it is difficult. Amber is not only a CPA herself, but also a professional coach, and therefore was the perfect person to join us to talk about this topic. In this interview with Amber, we cover… Practical issues and changes to the exam-taking process as of the time of this recording, Being honest with yourself as to whether this really is the right time to devote to passing, and if so, how to optimize the opportunity, How to care for yourself in such a way that promotes success in studying without wearing yourself out, and How to shift your thinking regarding certification to a more optimistic outlook. If you are determined to achieve your CPA certification, or any other for that matter, during this pandemic time, and you are struggling with making it a reality, this will be a very valuable episode for you. For more information on Amber Setter, or to contact her directly, visit www.ambersettercoaching.com To listen to this interview with Amber Setter, please use the player below.

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