179: Mike Whitmire – Co-Founder of FloQast


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Mike Whitmire, CPA turned Co-Founder of a software-as-a-service company (FloQast) joined us for this episode of Where Accountants Go, the Accounting Careers Podcast. Mike’s career started as most do. He majored in accounting in college, and through the college interview process he obtained his first professional position – in this case, audit. However, in this case as his career progressed through public accounting and then into industry, he realized there was a lack of efficiency around closing processes that caused he and his colleagues to have to work much more than really should be necessary. At that point Mike set out to fix the problem, and FloQast was born. FloQast is a software solution for managing the close process better, so that it is both faster and less time-consuming from the work hour standpoint. However, this episode isn’t simply about the product; this show is more about Mike’s own career journey and the decisions he worked through to get to where he is today. I think you will truly find a lot of value in this episode. Other episodes you may enjoy will include: Kurt Rathmann and Ryan Lazanis For more information on FloQast, visit www.floqast.com For Mike’s book mentioned in the show, click here, or for his podcast, click here. To listen in on this episode with Mike Whitmire, please use the player below:

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