180: Charlene Rhinehart CPA, Founder of Wealthy Women Daily


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Our guest for this week’s Where Accountants Go episode is Charlene Rhinehart, who joined us from the Greater Chicago area. I usually say our guest’s career started off in a ‘typical’ fashion, but that wouldn’t be true in this case. Charlene’s career has been exceptional from the beginning! Starting with several internship opportunities at PwC, plus an additional internship at JP Morgan Chase, her career started with a bang. She had more diverse experience than many professionals are able to get in the first few years of their careers, and this was all before graduation. After graduation, Charlene managed a major project for JP Morgan involving investing millions into the city of Detroit, and not long after won the Miss Corporate America pageant as well. Her pageant experience launched her further into the public speaking arena, and she additionally joined Up With People, an organization that provides uplifting experiences through song & dance acts across the globe. She literally has been a world traveler. Fast forward to the last few years, and Charlene has taken all that experience and molded it into the skills she needed to launch Wealthy Women Daily, a platform helping corporate women and entrepreneurs better manage their finances. It’s definitely an area she is passionate about. And this doesn’t even start to touch on the other areas of her business, such as the publishing of books and her podcast. Charlene has many irons in the fire. For more information on Charlene’s company, visit www.wealthywomendaily.com For her book (Dividends Are a Queen's Best Friend), please visit https://amzn.com/1689283386 If you enjoy this episode, please make sure to also listen to: Kelly Richmond-Pope and Bridget Kaigler To listen in on this interview with Charlene Rhinehart, please use the player below:

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