181: Lynda Artesani on Building a Business and Selecting a Niche


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Lynda Artesani of Artesani Bookkeeping in Florida joined us for the program this week. Lynda has had her business for over 20 years now, but we asked her on the program to discuss a decision she made only about 4 years ago. That decision was to focus on a niche for her bookkeeping business. Selecting and sticking with a niche can be a difficult decision for many business owners, particularly in accounting. For that reason, we thought it would be a good topic to discuss on the show. However, just as with all our episodes, we also delve deeper into Lynda’s early career so we understand where she came from. If you’ve ever had a job or two that weren’t quite ideal, I think you will find some truth in what Lynda shares there as well. She was very transparent and generous with her time describing her early career. There is a lot of value in that segment of the interview. For more information on Lynda’s business, please visit https://www.artesanibookkeeping.com/ Other episodes you may enjoy will include: Mariette Martinez and Robin Thieme and Robina Bennion To listen in on this interview with Lynda Artesani, please use the player below:

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