183: Anthony Hanson of iFinance in East Sussex


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Anthony Hanson, an accountant that started his career in Colorado, and later moved to East Sussex in the United Kingdom after getting engaged to his British fiancé, joined us to discuss his early career as well as founding iFinance, on this episode of Where Accountants Go, the Accounting Careers Podcast. This show has a little of something for everyone. Anthony started his career as a night auditor because he wanted to spend the days snowboarding in Colorado where he lived at the time. As his career grew in accounting, he had the opportunity to co-found a construction company and helped build that up to over 30 million in revenues. Unfortunately though, his business partner passed away and he was forced to divest of the construction start-up. At that point, he was already engaged to a lady from Great Britain that was working her way through the immigration process for the US. With no business here to make moving difficult, they decided that it would be easier for Anthony to move to the United Kingdom, and therefore he embarked on that journey. Finding work immediately was more of a problem that he had suspected due to immigration laws, but he ended up doing ERP consulting and it was through that experience that his dream was born. Anthony most recently has started iFinance, a company focused on bringing large-company level financial advisory services to the small business world. He, along with some remote staff, help small businesses get the same financial insights that a large business would benefit from, but on a fractional basis. If you are interested in consulting, or enjoy a story involving moves between continents and the challenges that come along with that, you will love this interview. For more information on Anthony’s business, visit www.ifinancedept.com Other episodes will enjoy include: Robin Thieme and Wayne Richard To listen in on this episode with Anthony Hanson, please use the player below:

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