186: Lynn Davey, CPA – An Accomplished Financial Reporting Professional With Humble Apartheid Beginnings


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Lynn Davey, a CPA that started her career with the national accounting firms, and then transitioned into financial reporting at publicly-traded companies, joined us for this episode of Where Accountants Go, the Accounting Careers Podcast. Lynn was a special guest for our show. We generally don’t delve quite so much into a guest’s personal life during the early years, but Lynn was generous with her story and shared some of the insights she gained through growing up in South Africa during apartheid. She was definitely fortunate to have a few key mentors that encouraged her to pursue becoming a Chartered Accountant, and she recognizes the impact they had on her life. Things may have been very different if it were not for those gracious individuals. From there we covered Lynn’s experience with both EY and PwC, and then her transition into industry for a financial reporting role. If work/life balance is important to you, you will enjoy that portion of the show as well. Lynn was very open about the choices she’s made in order to both keep the time with her family that she enjoys, plus maintain an interesting and challenging career path. It really was a great conversation. This was one of our shorter interviews, so please make sure you listen all the way to the end. There wasn’t simply one theme throughout this one. We touched on many topics. There really is something for everyone in this interview. If you enjoy this interview with Lynn Davey, please also check out: Adriana Carpenter and Jessica McClain To listen in on the interview with Lynn, please use the recorder below:

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