187: Stacey Rodgers of Cohen & Company – Managing the Educational Needs of Accountants


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Stacey Rodgers, a CPA and the Director of Learning & People Development with Cohen & Company, joined us for this week’s episode of Where Accountants Go, the Accounting Careers Podcast. We always enjoy a story of how someone’s initial background in accounting continues to benefit them in other areas of business as their career progresses. Stacey’s story is one of those. Stacey started in public accounting as many accountants do, and her career progressed all the way up to Senior Manager with Cohen & Company. She worked in audit in both their private company practice and their investments / hedge fund practice. It was after about 10 years though that she decided it was time for a change in her career, and the opportunity presented itself to lead the learning & people development department at that same firm. Cohen & Company had become home for Stacey, so it was an opportunity she couldn’t pass up. Now she enjoys still being able to work in the same environment, but instead of being a leader in the audit area, she now helps develop current and future leaders throughout the firm. If you enjoy this episode, please make sure you also check out these as well: Joey Tackett and Delene Taylor To listen in on this interview with Stacey Rodgers, please use the player below:

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