190: Susan Stutzel CPA – Branching Out into Coaching


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Susan Stutzel, a CPA that operates both in the non-profit specialty accounting field, as well as in the coaching space for female entrepreneurs, joined us for this episode of Where Accountants Go, the Accounting Careers Podcast. As many of us in the accounting field realize at some point in our careers, there are certain aspects of our jobs that we thoroughly enjoy, and others that don’t bring us as much happiness. Susan’s career tells that story as well. Starting out as an auditor, she always enjoyed the people aspect of auditing, specifically that of helping others to improve, but not so much the audit duties themselves. As her career progressed, she found herself more and more appreciating the opportunity to help organizations improve, and therefore steered her career further into the strategic consulting arena. Along the way she founded her own accounting firm, which gave her even more freedom to do that. Now, as a way of extending her reach in the area of helping others, Susan has started and been very successful with a new coaching business as well – S Stutzel Coaching. Through this new branch of her professional career, Susan is able to reach further than the non-profits she serves in her accounting practice, and now help women entrepreneurs trying to navigate their way through success in both professional and personal circles. Susan has found her true passion, and is helping others achieve their own goals as well. If you enjoy this episode, make sure you check out these related episodes as well: Brian Kush and Robina Bennion. To listen in on this interview with Susan Stutzel, please use the player below:

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