191: Jocelyn Hill, CPA – Becoming Partner & Loving the Arts


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Jocelyn Hill, a Partner with Williams, Adley & Company in Washington, DC, joined us for this episode of Where Accountants Go, the Accounting Careers podcast. This episode is unique for several reasons. First of all, Jocelyn has been with her firm for over 25 years, something we don’t see too often anymore. And in addition, their firm has an interesting niche. Williams, Adley & Company is a federal contractor that works on engagements for the United States federal government in areas such as HUD contracts, Department of Justice audits, and even audits of the FBI and DEA. Very interesting work! And as if that wasn’t enough, as a pleasant surprise we find out later in this interview that Jocelyn enjoys spending her free time indulging in the arts! She loves the theatre, movies, live music, and museums. “Hamilton” and “The Lion King” are among some of her favorites. We don’t often get into talking about hobbies and other interests on this podcast, so that was a refreshing change. You can tell it’s something that Jocelyn truly enjoys. If you appreciate the content in this particular episode, please make sure you also listen in on these interviews: Libby King and Amy Pitter. To hear this conversation with Jocelyn Hill, please use the player below:

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