192: Tracie Miller-Nobles, CPA – A Passion for Teaching


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Tracie Miller-Nobles, a college-level instructor that spends additional time developing supplemental materials for both faculty and students, joined us for this episode of Where Accountants Go, the Accounting Careers Podcast. Many accountants eventually realize that they enjoy helping others through teaching, and that is how Tracie got started in the academic world as well. Interestingly enough, her mother was a teacher and wasn’t entirely crazy about her going into the profession, but as luck would have it Tracie ended up teaching at the college level anyway, which was probably a better choice given her interests. Fast forward well over a decade now, and Tracie not only teaches accounting at Austin Community College, but also has authored text books for the profession and created supplemental materials for use by other faculty. Her initial start in tax, and her interests in data analytics, has blossomed into her being able to develop learning materials in those areas for the benefit of both students and faculty members. She’s definitely a creative individual, and she isn’t the type to be satisfied with the status quo. She’s making a difference in accounting academics. I think both instructors and accounting professionals alike will get a lot of value out of this episode. If you do enjoy this show, please also check out: Kathy Kapka and Kelly Richmond-Pope. To listen to this interview with Tracie Miller-Nobles, please use the player below:

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