196: Felicia Farrar – Making A Difference Through A Career With The Government


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Felicia Farrar, a CPA, CFE, and now a PhD candidate as well, joined us for this episode of Where Accountants Go, the Accounting Careers Podcast. We haven’t touched on careers within governmental accounting in a while, so this episode will be a refreshing change. Felicia joined us for this program to discuss her career path that started with several years early on working with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). In an interesting turn of events though, as she progressed in her education, she decided to leave the Service in order to expand her experience base. After some time in the Big 4, and then some time in accounting for a major municipality, she decided to return to the IRS and continue her career there. In addition to the discussion of Felicia’s career, we also delve into the importance of attaining appropriate credentials along the way. As you will hear during this interview, Felicia made most (if not all) of her career decisions based on the experience she would gain or the importance of the work. Also, she always made sure that she worked towards getting the appropriate credentials for the job, such as the CFE certification, CPA certification, and even advanced degrees. She definitely has worked hard to get to where she is today. Governmental accounting positions can be very rewarding for many individuals, and Felicia’s career path is an excellent example of that. I think you will thoroughly enjoy this episode. For similar episodes, check out: Bill Cotter and Amy Pitter To listen in on this interview with Felicia Farrar, please click on the player below:

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