197: Twyla Verhelst – Head of the Accountant Channel at FreshBooks


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Twyla Verhelst joined us for this episode of Where Accountants Go, the Accounting Careers Podcast. As you would expect, we discussed FreshBooks and how that accounting solution has expanded in recent years, but we also cover Twyla’s earlier career history as well. Twyla has had an amazing journey, spanning typical accounting roles, to starting several businesses, to founding a charitable endeavor, to her role now with FreshBooks. It truly is an amazing journey. I confess that I typically thought of FreshBooks as a micro-business solution for solo-preneurs. However, I was mistaken. Make sure you listen all the way to the end on this episode. Twyla gives us a great overview of the platform changes they have made in recent years, and how that has enabled them to handle much larger enterprises in the small & mid-market space. If you enjoy a story of entrepreneurism, you will love this episode as well. Twyla co-founded a cloud accounting company, a software application company, a charitable organization, and even a mortgage company early in her career. She definitely has an entrepreneurial streak. Once you listen to this episode, if you would like more episodes on similar topics, make sure you check out: Mike Whitmire and Amanda Aguillard To listen in on this episode, please use the player below.

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