198: Stephen Oliver – Focusing Your Career in Forensics, Litigation Support, and M&A


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Stephen Oliver, a CPA that focused his career early on in consulting areas such as forensic projects, litigation support, and merger/acquisition analysis, joined us for this episode of Where Accountants Go, the Accounting Careers Podcast.

I’ve personally known Stephen for many years, but even I learned quite a bit from this interview.

Stephen started his career with a small start-up accounting firm in an intern role, but it wasn’t the type of work you may expect. Due to the focus and start-up nature of that firm, he ended up working with clients on business planning very early in his career. That experience, coupled with some valuable relationships, ended up landing him another internship with Arthur Andersen in consulting & litigation support immediately afterwards. As you can tell, he was becoming a specialist even as an intern, so when he graduated and began working full-time, he was able to continue working on consulting projects instead of the typical tax or audit roles, which was exactly what he wanted to do.

Fast forward many years now, and he has been able to become a well-respected subject matter expert in the areas of litigation support, forensics, and mergers & acquisitions. He’s worked at both large and small accounting firms, and large & small companies in industry. He’s also been a featured panel speaker at local business owner focused events.

Gethsemane Partners, Stephen’s own practice that he launched several years ago, is now expanding into fractional CFO offerings as well, which is a natural evolution given his own personal background.

For more information on Gethsemane Partners, please check out: https://g-ptrs.com/

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