Ep. 03 - So Over October w/ LeeAnn Kreischer & Christina P


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Every October, Joe Rogan, Ari Shaffir, Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer embark on an odyssey known as "Sober October." The effects have been felt far and wide among fans and listeners, but how does it effect those who are there to see them day in and day out? This podcast, hosted by Christina P. and LeeAnn Kreischer is a glimpse into how The "Sober October" journey directly effects the lives of the men's spouses and families.

On Episode 3 the wine is being poured once again and Christina mentions she did CBD AND wine the night before. Leeann and Christina feel bad that they've been talking so much smack that they've given their husbands permission to do the same on 2 Bears 1 Cave. Plus we get an update on the recent classes the wives have seen their husbands take, an update on the WHOOP stats and new homework assignments for next week.

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