141.5 A PhYINomenal Episode on #TempleBuilding


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Before we post our latest episode of #WWMPod, check out SoJo and Lady Buddha discussing #TempleBuilding over on PhYINomenal.com earlier this year: If you follow Lady Buddha (@ndcharp) on social media, you may see her saying things like "Hydrating...Motivating..." or #TempleBuilding . But what does it all mean? Find out as our very own official PhYINomenal #TempleBuilding enthusiast sits down to chat with our community about self-care. Lady Buddha is a runner, dancer, writer, reader, Reiki practitioner, green smoothie enthusiast and lay Buddhist. She encourages the use of multiple strategies toward a dedicated practice of temple building – continuous edification of the mind/body/spirit. Join our community at http://phyinomenal.com or follow us on social media: Twitter/Instagram: @phyinomenal

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