165: What is Direct Primary Care?


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Direct primary care has been described as revolutionizing primary care in medicine. Our guest in this episode is Dr. Aimee Ostick, a direct primary care physician, https://healthandhealingdpc.com/dr-ostick, who describes DPC as the impossible made simple. We talk about what direct primary care medicine is, how to transition a typical primary care practice into a direct primary care practice, and she shares her experience starting and running a DPC practice. I don't know if DPC is quite a revolution yet, but it certainly is the way I would be running my practice if I were a primary care doctor. We discuss the advantages of this model both for the physician and the patient as well as the potential challenges of starting and continuing a DPC practice. I think this model can work for many specialties and would love to see medicine transition to this more transparent way of practicing.

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