How heartbreaking change ignited an extraordinary life with Kundalini teacher, Corona Brady


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I’ve been watching Corona’s journey for a while and love what she shares. But one of her posts* on Instagram a little while ago really caught my attention and prompted me to reach out. She spoke about divorce being the catalyst for an extraordinary life.

“Growth happens when we can lean in and embrace the discomfort and the unknown. No transformation occurs in the known.” CORONA BRADY

She was wonderful enough to accept my invitation to talk about that - and I’m especially grateful - because I think we’re all experiencing huge and unexpected changes in our lives right now.

Whether it’s divorce, a relationship breakdown, a lost job, business failure or unexpected life shift - I also believe that these things that we often think of as devastating at the time - can really propel our lives to somewhere different and much more amazing than we had planned.

Listen in as I talk with Corona, and she shares her journey through change.

Making the decision to divorce

What gets you through those early stages

Grieving for the hopes and dreams that we had for the future and how to cope with that

How to work through feeling like you’ve lost your identity

The importance of having a spiritual practice been while transitioning

I also ask Corona about her Kundalini yoga and the launch of her online school - which is such perfect timing for everyone who can’t get to their regular yoga session right now.


At 37 I thought my life was over when I chose to make a scary but very brave decision that would change the whole course and direction of my life.

But today at 39 I realise my life is only beginning and I’m excited for this new chapter. Our bravery and courage will always be rewarded for!

It’s been an incredibly tough 2+ years (I’m not going to sugar coat it, I’ve literally walked through the fires of transformation) but I’m now out the other side and I’ve so much to share with you on topics such as conscious relationships, polarity in romantic relationships, when you know it’s time to leave a relationship, divorce/separation, the real inner work that’s required after the collapse of a marriage, grief, losing everything and beginning again, dealing with lies and deceit in relationship, opening yourself up to love again, living as an awakened empowered conscious woman, collapse of and rebuilding your foundations, working through sexual repression plus so much more!

Growth happens when we can lean in and embrace the discomfort and the unknown. No transformation occurs in the known.

Corona is a Holistic Life Coach & Mentor for Women, Mind Detox Therapist, Kundalini Level 2 Teacher, and Speaker! She is passionate about supporting and empowering high achieving corporate professionals, Women in Business, Entrepreneurs & Women in Leadership Roles. She is the founder and CEO of Energy For Life Academy where she takes busy professionals from burnout and overwhelm to energetic joyful lives in 8 weeks or less.

She is the creator of the Corona Brady Online Life Coaching App which you can download for free to your Apple and Android devices and she is the host of the Energy For Life Podcast show available on iTunes.

She is also the creator of a brand new online yoga and meditation school called Corona’s Online Kundalini School.


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