How to communicate more powerfully and authentically with people you love - with Colleen Schell


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You know those people that just light YOU up when they walk into the room?

My guest today is one of those women.

I’ve been wanting to share her wisdom with you for the longest time!

Colleen Schell is a Fortune 500 leadership development expert turned love and intimacy coach. Her wisdom on emotional and erotic intelligence helps you have deeper connections, wider love and a more passionate, playful life.

She is currently writing a book called The Art of the Torrid Love Affair that gives people permission to enjoy, embrace, and learn from short term romantic relationships and master the magic of love and intimacy.

As someone who absolutely EMBODIES her mission to help people communicate more authentically, deeply and lovingly, she oozes sass, sex appeal, warmth and generosity.

I just know that if you’re someone who wants more meaningful connections with others, if you’re someone who wants to live a totally magic life - then you're going to LOVE my conversation with Colleen today.

On the episode you’ll hear:

+ The vital role that YOU can play in deepening intimacy in your relationships

+ How to share your desires with a love

+ How to give feedback to a partner without causing an argument

+ Colleen’s formula for powerful listening

+ How to show up more authentically in your connection and communication

Get Colleen’s Desires Sharing Framework and other free resources HERE.

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